Ice Skater Frees Exhausted Moose Who Fell Through An Icy Lake

Ice Skater Frees Exhausted Moose Who Fell Through An Icy Lake

Close encounters with massive animals in the wild typically don’t end well, yet two Brave Swedish men decided they didn’t care and risked their lives to do the right thing.

While out skating on a frozen lake in northern Sweden with a friend, Viktor Johannessen spotted a large moose that had fallen through the ice and was struggling to stay afloat in the frigid water. The two hoped the animal would be able to climb out or break through the ice and get to the nearby shore, but after watching a few failed attempts, they knew the animal would die without their help.

“On our way to the hole in the ice, we saw the moose make several failed attempts to get up and out. It also couldn’t break the ice and reach land by itself,” Viktor said. “So we had to hack at the ice and make a path for it.” Once they made their way over to the moose, they could tell it wouldn’t survive much longer after using all of its energy on trying to escape, so they immediately got to work.

The two knew there would be no way for them to pull the animal free on their own, so instead started chipping away at the ice to make a path to the shore even though it meant they could easily fall in themselves. Luckily, no one fell in and once a path was cleared, the moose swam to shore and was able to walk away without any injuries.

Watch the entire video below to see the incredible way this hero managed to save a dying moose.

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[Featured image: Youtube/Viktor Johannessen]