Injured Mother Cow And Baby Who Refuse To Be Separated Get Rescued Together

Injured Mother Cow And Baby Who Refuse To Be Separated Get Rescued Together

Warning: The following article contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some viewers. 

Rescue organization, Animal Aid Unlimited, India never fails to disappoint us with their incredible rescue videos. 

While some of their rescues are graphic, they are usually successful in transforming the lives and health of animals in dire situations. From dogs to cows and deer, kind rescuers do not discriminate in who they offer their help to. 

When Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers received a call about a mother cow and a baby who were both badly injured, they rushed to find the pair. When they saw the mama, they noticed she had a deep gash in her armpit, and her baby had a deep wound from a rope tied around his neck.

They took the pair back to their hospital and rehabilitation to begin treatment. Upon examining the little one, staff noticed the rope had cut so deep into his neck that he was probably in a lot of pain. 

After cleaning the area and applying medicine to the affected areas, all the mother and baby needed now was time to rest. As long as they stayed together, Animal Aid Unlimited was convinced the pair would heal just perfectly. “Bee and Honey healed after 2 months of care. Honey’s not a baby anymore, but he’s still his mama’s little boy,” Animal Aid Unlimited, India, wrote on their YouTube Channel. 

“Around the world, cows are treated as if their feelings just don’t matter…But just look at how much they love each other. It does matter. Please donate, because whether dog or donkey, cat or cow, every life is precious,” they added. 

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India]