Injured Soldier Fathers A Miracle Baby After Losing Genitals During Attack

Injured Soldier Fathers A Miracle Baby After Losing Genitals During Attack

Some people know their whole lives that they want to become a parent one day, however, for one U.S. soldier, that realization only came after he lost the one thing necessary for having a child.

On Jan. 20, 2014, Sgt. Thai Lee was at a military base in Afghanistan when it was attacked. Lee was a combat medic and ran towards the danger to treat the wounded, but was hit in the groin by a roadside bomb. “Your testicles are no longer on your body,” Dr. Robert Dean told Sgt. Lee after the attack. “They’re missing.”

“I never realized how much I wanted to have a child until I couldn’t have one,” said Lee. Yet his doctor explained there was a chance he could still be a father despite his injuries thanks to an extremely new procedure that takes sperms from the seminal vesticle, which is the point behind the bladder where sperm is stored.

“Clearly this couple’s odds were extremely low because his reproductive organs were not with him anymore,” said Dr. Dean. However, they decided to go ahead with the procedure since there was a chance it could work. “His wounds and injuries happened five days prior to his arrival to Walter Reed,” said Dr. Dean. “So our window was closing rapidly.”

Miraculously, they were able to extract enough sperm and harvested it at an IVF center. Lee and his wife NkaoGer Lee’s first attempt to get pregnant failed, but they were overjoyed when they second try was successful. The couple recently gave birth to their miracle baby boy named Fabien, and are so grateful for their new addition to the family.

“Having him here is like a miracle,” said NkaoGer. “He makes me laugh, makes me smile and makes me know there’s something worth living for,” said Lee.

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[Featured image: WUSA]