Joey The Ferret Helps ‘Clean’ The House

Joey The Ferret Helps ‘Clean’ The House

Joey the ferret might be the merriest maid you’ve ever seen.

This energetic little fellow was too eager to help when his owner pulled out the feather duster. The viral video has blown up online and shows an adorable little ferret frantically chasing after and nuzzling the feather duster. Joey REALLY wants to help his owners tidy up the house and he isn’t even trying to hide that excitement.

Of course, we aren’t sure Joey will be that much help. The duster is as big as him and he seems to be doing more chasing than he is cleaning. This is likely due to the fact that he thinks it’s a giant, fluffy toy his owners bought just for him.

Or maybe he this the feather duster is simply a Mrs. Ferret. Either way, this tiny guy knows how to put on a hilarious show and we’re highly entertained.

You will be too when you press play:

This little guy isn’t a lot of help around the house, but he’s so cute we can forgive him for his lack of cleanliness. If you enjoyed this video, please SHARE with friends and family and make somebody’s day with this cute animal!

[Featured Image Credit: Rumble]