Kidnapped Woman Uses Insulin Pump Light To Escape The Trunk Of Her Own Car

Kidnapped Woman Uses Insulin Pump Light To Escape The Trunk Of Her Own Car

On March 14, everything changed for college student Brittany Diggs. She was held at gunpoint in front of her Alabama apartment after coming home from work and she told the kidnapper she was a college student with no money. 

Being that Diggs couldn’t provide him what he needed, he forced her to drive him around in her car while he tried to rob other people. Eventually, she was forced into her own trunk and her life was threatened several times. 

The kidnapper found Diggs wallet in the backseat of her car and threatened to kill her if she didn’t give him the pin number. Diggs told TODAY, “My biggest fear was he was going to drive this car into a river and I’m going to drown there and no one is going to know I’m in this trunk.”

Then, she came up with a plan. While the man was inside the gas station, Diggs remembered seeing a video on Facebook about trunk latches. She realized there was a latch inside the trunk of her car, and using her insulin pump light, she was able to see it in the darkness. 

When the kidnapper got back in her car and started driving, Diggs pulled the latch and jumped out of the car onto the ground. She then ran into the gas station and hid in the back room until police arrived. 

Diggs told TODAY that she decided to speak out to help catch the person who did this to her. After what happened, she will not be returning home to live in her apartment and while her car has been recovered, she does not want it anymore. 

Digg’s best friend started a GoFundMe page to help her during this difficult time. If you would like to donate, please click here

Birmingham police announced on Wednesday night that 28-year-old Manuel Ali Towns has been charged with kidnapping and robbery in the abduction of Diggs. 

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