Kids Receive Big Surprise After Rescuing Baby Brother From Kidnapper

Kids Receive Big Surprise After Rescuing Baby Brother From Kidnapper

It was a terrifying moment when two young siblings were playing in the park and a strange man picked up their youngest brother and ran off.

The Wright siblings, 8-year-old Delia and 10-year-old Brenden remember that day very vividly, and they did what any child might be too afraid to do. 

Credit: Inside Edition

According to a witness, Dorothy Giddings, both Delicia and Brenden ran after the kidnapper, and Delicia began screaming her head off. Her loud screams captured the attention of two teenage boys, who also went running after the child and trying to chase the kidnapper away. 

Delicia said, “I felt really, really scared that he took him. He said, ‘I’m good with kids, babysitting.’ He sounded nice, but he was really not nice.”

Credit: Inside Edition

The kidnapper wound up leaving 22-month-old Owen in an empty lot and ran off. The video of the incident has led to the arrest of the 15-year-old who lives in the town of Sprague, Washington, where the kidnapping occurred. 

The story made local news and the father of the children, Michael Wright tells Inside Edition that he left his children in the care of a family friend who thought they would be safe in the park near her house. “I don’t blame her, it was an honest mistake, small town scenario.” 

Credit: USA Today

Now, both siblings are being rewarded with $100 each and a letter thanking them for their bravery. 

Michael Wright is especially proud of his kids, saying, “How precious for your kids to do the right things on an everyday basis, especially the love that they have for the little siblings.” 

Credit: Inside Edition

It’s incredible how the natural instincts of these kids kicked in, and they were able to save their brother, who they may have never seen again.

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