Kindergarten Teacher Touches 5-Year-Old Inappropriately During Class Movie

Kindergarten Teacher Touches 5-Year-Old Inappropriately During Class Movie

A kindergarten teacher in Texas has been arrested after he was accused of touching a female student’s genitals on more than one occasion. 

According to court documents, the most recent time such a travesty happened was on September 20, when Berry Elementary School teacher David Salisbury put his hands down a little girl’s pants while the rest of the class watched a movie. 


The incident occurred in an area of the classroom where other students would not have seen Salisbury and the victim, and police say the little girl told her mom about the assault the day that it happened.

Although the 5-year-old spoke up this time, she later revealed that the teacher had abused her “a lot of time.” 

“When they got home, she took her daughter into a room and asked her to explain what happened,” according to the criminal complaint filed against Salisbury.

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The petrified little girl told her mom that the teacher had touched her “private parts” underneath her clothes. According to KTRK, Salisbury has been charged with indecency with a child and his bail is set at $30,000. 

Has anything like this ever happened at your child’s school?

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