Little Boy Almost Drowns In Public Pool And No One Notices

Little Boy Almost Drowns In Public Pool And No One Notices

A shocking video has surfaced of a little boy in Helsinki, Finland struggling to keep afloat in a public pool. 

The boy, who can’t swim, is shown on camera trying to doggy paddle to the side of the pool, but he repeatedly fails to keep his head above water. The boy isn’t tall enough to pull himself out of the deep water, so he falls back under numerous times and no one seems to notice!

Despite swimmers of all ages swimming nearby the boy, no one notices his limp body floating in the water for the entire four minutes that the ordeal went on. 

Finally, the child floats over to one woman who notices the boy and realizes what is happening. She quickly grabs the boy and drags his body out of the water.

Once out of the pool, the boy was resuscitated by a good samaritan and then taken to a children’s hospital where he made a full recovery.

According to 9news, the mother of the child was given a 4-month suspended sentence and was forced to pay $2,200 in compensation. She reportedly told her 5-year-old to stay in the shallow end of the pool unsupervised while she went to the sauna. 

Can you believe a mother would be so careless with her child? Have you ever seen a parent neglect their child like this firsthand?

Let us know in the comments and please watch the video below. 

[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- The Eliot]