Little Boy Takes Care Of Exhausted Mom On Train In China

Little Boy Takes Care Of Exhausted Mom On Train In China

This photo of a boy taking care of his mother on a train in Chengdu, China is melting hearts all over the world.

According to China Global TV Network’s Facebook page, the photo was posted by zhibochengdu on Weibo (a microblogging website in China, similar to a Facebook or Twitter), and it shows the little boy using his hand as a pillow to comfort his tired mother on the train. He can also be seen holding her purse, in addition to her shopping bags.

China Global TV Network wrote on their Facebook page: “Before standing guard over his sleeping mom, the boy also reportedly gave up his seat to a woman with her baby.” “Weibo users have praised the boy’s thoughtful behavior and the good education he obviously received from his parents,” they continued on Facebook.

“The kid is so tender. I can’t believe he is a boy. He did something that doesn’t quite match his age,” said Weibo user @ershidexiaoyuanba. “Kids have a strong imitation ability. I’m sure his father treats his mother well so that the boy has such a loving heart,” @chongzhimiguoO_O commented.

The sweet photo just goes to show you how intuitive kids can really be, and how the boy’s age has nothing to do with the love and care he has for his mother. The fact that he knew to watch over her bags and also hold her head so she didn’t hurt it while leaning against the poll, shows how well he was raised.

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[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- ChinaGlobalTVNetwork]