Little Boy Wakes Up Early Every Week To Wave To The Garbage Man

Little Boy Wakes Up Early Every Week To Wave To The Garbage Man

Most kids get excited about Santa Claus or their favorite Disney character, but 3-year-old Tatum from Sherman, Texas, gets excited when he sees his local garbage truck. 

According to his parents, little Tatum Jaye looks forward to every week when he knows he will see the garbage truck and watch his favorite toy come to life. “I love garbage trucks,” Tatum told KXII TV

Every Wednesday, Tatum wakes up early to stand outside his house and watch the garbage truck pick up his trash. “He comes out every week, I usually honk the horn and everything,” Mike Easley said, who drives a Sherman garbage truck.

“He sits there and waves, waves him down, points at the trash can,” said Spencer Jaye, Tatum’s dad. Mike Easley enjoys seeing Tatum smiling at the corner each week as he drives the garbage truck through the neighborhood. It actually has turned into being the highlight of his day, every Wednesday. 

But this time Easley passed by Tatum’s home, he decided to stop by a little longer at Tatum’s house. “Well today, he stopped and let Tatum get in the cab of the garbage truck, play with the buttons, play with the controls,” Tatum’s dad said. Tatum hopped into the garbage truck and even got to honk the horn. “It’s the loudest horn,” Tatum said. 

In the video Tatum’s dad posted on Facebook, Tatum learns about the button inside the truck and even gets to help pick up and dump his own trash. “He was shocked, he was overwhelmed, he was overjoyed,” Tatum’s dad Spencer said.

While Mike has been on the job for four years, he says he’s never seen anyone with Tatum’s excitement and appreciation for what he does. “I could be having a bad day, but when I see a little boy come out and want me to honk the horn and see his smile, it makes the job worth while,” Mike said.

“Thank you Mike,” Tatum said. Tatum is already counting down the days to next Wednesday when he will be at the curb, smiling and waving to his new friend Mike. See you next week, see you next Wednesday,” Mike said. 

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[Featured Image Credit: News 12]