Little Boys Are Breaking The Internet Due To Their Impressive Pizza Tossing Skills

Little Boys Are Breaking The Internet Due To Their Impressive Pizza Tossing Skills

A video of two young New Jersey brothers spinning pizza dough has gone viral on social media. 

More than 19 million people have watched a video of 12-year-old Michael and 10-year-old Nicholas Testa spinning pizza dough. Their father, Carmine Testa, said this isn’t the first video he’s posted of his spinning dough in Carmine’s Pizza Factory in Jersey City, but it is the most popular. 

Testa appeared on Fox & Friends and explained that his boys started going to work with him to allow their mom to care for their colicky baby sister. 

Testa tells Fox that he has owned and operated Carmine’s Pizza Factory in downtown Jersey City for 17 years. To occupy his sons at the restaurant, he gave them a couple of rubber practice doughs and as soon as the boys taught themselves how to toss and spin, they were given real pizza dough to maneuver. 

When Testa uploaded the 30-second clip of his sons in front of the counter at the restaurant flinging around practice dough, he wasn’t expecting the video to go viral

The boys’ video was enough to score them a cameo on Good Day New York, and the offers from various other media outlets keep pouring in. 

Michael and Nicholas told Fox & Friends that to prepare for all of their appearances, they have been practicing spinning dough for 1.5 hours a day. They say it’s more fun than doing homework, and we have to agree. 

Watch these talents pizza boys in the video, and click below to see their Instagram and Facebook pages! 

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[Featured Image Credit: Michael & Nicholas Testa/Facebeook]