Little Girl Is Surprised By Military Dad On Superhero Day At School

Little Girl Is Surprised By Military Dad On Superhero Day At School

We all know that not all heroes wear capes, but a young girl from Mississippi learned just how true this was when her own hero showed up to ‘Superhero Day’ at school.

Alexia Richardson attends Popp’s Ferry Elementary in Mississippi. For this special little girl’s Monday was a day she won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

At the school’s annual superhero day, Alexia raised her hand to answer a very important question: can you name a superhero that doesn’t wear a cape?

She didn’t know it at the time, but her hero stood tall after serving a seven-month deployment in Afghanistan. Tech Sergeant Casey Richardson teamed up with his wife, an assistant teacher at the school, to surprise their daughter, who has taken their long separation very hard.

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“They have a very tight relationship, so it’s really bothered him being gone, but I think that she’s going to be so happy,” Alexia’s mother, Charity,  told WXXV-TV.”This was my first deployment, so I had to learn a lot. It was tough being over there, being away from my family, and I’m very happy to be back,” said her father.

When the family finally reunited once again, tears and applause filled the whole gym with a mix of hugs and cheers. It took little Alexia a few seconds to realize what was happening, but when she connected the dots, she couldn’t have been happier.

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“I never expected this. I’m so excited that my dad’s finally home after so long,” she said.
The heroes homecoming just happened to fall on superhero day at the little girl’s school, a coincidence so serendipitous, it almost feels planned. Perhaps that’s just how the world works for superheroes.

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