Little Girl Picked Out The Most Epic Outfit To Wear For Her School Photo

Little Girl Picked Out The Most Epic Outfit To Wear For Her School Photo

Unlike most kids, 3-year-old Kaylienn Steinbach picks out her outfits every morning for school, and picture day was no different. 

According to Kaylieann’s dad, Alex Steinbach, he and his wife were not surprised when it took Kaylieann two weeks to pick out her outfit for picture day at her school. Kaylieann wanted to wear her bright blue velvet Superman dress and matching red cape, and her dad just couldn’t say no.

Steinbach posted the awesome school photo of his daughter to Reddit, and it’s received thousands of upvotes. “As proud as any parents can be we do our best to support her with everything, including outfit choices,” Steinbach told CBS News. “We always let her dress herself and her choices show her personality well.”

Credit: Reddit

Every day at Merryhill Preschool in Rocklin, California, the kids in her class often try and guess what outfit Kaylieann is going to wear next- and it usually involves some sort of superhero. She also makes sure to give each student a friendly “hello” every day. “Since we’ve always let her choose her outfit we will continue to let her,” Steinbach said. “She loves expressing herself with her choices.” 

Mr. Steinbach continuesd, “She’s already smarter than all of us parents combined! She surprises us every day and leaves us speechless and with tummy aches from laughing.” It’s clear to us that the personality of this little girl is one of a kind, and we hope she continues to express her individuality throughout her life. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Reddit]