Little Girl Shocks Dad When Classmate ‘Proposes’ With Mom’s Diamond Ring

Little Girl Shocks Dad When Classmate ‘Proposes’ With Mom’s Diamond Ring

Here’s a video that is guaranteed to have a lot of innocent boyfriends getting the old “side eye” look from their lovers. After all, how can such a little girl get a random guy to propose with such a big rock when they can’t after years of dating?

That’s the hilarious question on the people of the internet’s minds after watching the hilariously adorable video below of a little girl from the U.K. named Millie and her dear old Dad.

Little Millie was recently in for a big surprise when a classmate named Tommy decided to pop the question one day at school and even give her a ring to make it official. When Millie, who looks to be about 6 or 7, got home from school to tell her parents all about her engagement, they couldn’t resist asking to see her ring.

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Expecting a plastic ring from a gumball machine or a Ring Pop on their daughter’s finger, Millie’s mom and dad were stunned to see that their daughter’s school sweetheart had given her a huge diamond ring.

Millie’s father recorded the unforgettable moment, exclaiming, “Tommy has stolen his mother’s engagement ring…Three enormous diamonds!”.

It looks like Tommy had some serious explaining to do when he got home!

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