Faithful Little Girl’s Runt Foal Grows Into The Racehorse She Dreamed Of

Faithful Little Girl’s Runt Foal Grows Into The Racehorse She Dreamed Of

Every parent knows kids can make some crazy wishlists around their birthdays and the holidays.

And chances are pretty good that at least once over the years, that list is going to have something living at the top of it (much like the three sisters who recently found a baby under their Christmas tree).

We’ve all done it…and part of growing up is understanding why mom or dad didn’t get us that monkey from the pet store window.

However, the following story of 10-year-old Breanna Carsey proves that maybe parents should take those pet requests a little more seriously.

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Since she was very young, Breanna wanted a baby horse that she would train to become a champion racer when the foal grew up. By the time her 8th birthday rolled around, she was fixated on being a pet parent and Brian Carsey just couldn’t say no to his little girl’s far-fetched dream any longer.

The Carseys purchased a tiny runt foal for their daughter for $1,700, believing their little girl couldn’t last long caring for her needy new companion.

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Yet Breanna never lost faith in her horse, even naming him MJB Got Faith for the Carsey siblings Mackenzie, Jordan and Breanna.

When Brian Carsey agreed to buy his young daughter her dream horse, he wanted her to learn about responsibility and insisted she do all the work for Got Faith.

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“We needed to teach her that you can’t always get everything you want out of life and sometimes you need to make tough decisions, and that is what would be best for her.” Brian says in the following CBS clip. “She is going to be in charge, she is going to make the decisions.”

He hooked his daughter and Got Faith up with a professional horse trainer, so she could see that the other horses seemed bigger, stronger and faster than her runt, but she still didn’t give up during the horse’s first race.

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“He’s going to win,” Breanna told her father, and the rest, as they say, was history.

Today Breanna, 10, and MJB Got Faith have a following around the world and a story perfect for the big screen.

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Watch this brave little girl’s story about passion and determination below…it might just inspire you today!

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