Look, Justin Bieber Bares It All

Look, Justin Bieber Bares It All

Justin Bieber, who may or may not have been inspired by Kim Kardashian’s butt cheeks, is taking a crack (pun intended) at breaking the internet, himself.

Warning: the photo below is mildly NSFW (if butt cheeks offend you).

The superstar, bad-boy, heartthrob, posted a picture of himself on Monday, pointing at the island where he apparently left his swim trunks. The photo, which has captured over 1.5m likes in just 12 hours, has the simple and very eloquent caption of, “look.”
The Biebs is truly a master of wit. He’s pointing to an island, but when we look closely, we can see Bieber is actually capable of producing a facetious double entendre. He alludes to the island, but is also asking us to “look” at those sculpted (and dare I say illuminated) butt cheeks, which just happen to be front and center. We see what you did there, Justin.

So, my avid reader, here’s where you come in. While Kim Kardashian did not manage to break the internet a few months ago with her Paper photoshoot, perhaps Bieber will succeed where she failed. He has already garnered quite a few likes and comments, but this waning pop star can do better. He needs your help. He needs your likes, your shares, and your thoughts on the matter. Don’t let this attention whore go unnoticed.

I know you guys rallied when #TheDress went viral (for the record it was confirmed that the dress was blue and black–I personally saw white and gold, but to each her own). And let’s not forget Kony 2012. If we could work together for these causes, surely we can help Biebs accomplish his dreams of breaking the internet–just this one time.



[Featured Image Credit: Ellen TV]