Lost Dog Travels Over 60 Miles To Return Home To His Family

Lost Dog Travels Over 60 Miles To Return Home To His Family

A missing dog has undergone an incredible journey to be reunited with his owner after she left him with friends as she moved home. 

The dog’s owner, Carole Fossett left her border collie Casey with a friend in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, when she moved. One day, the friend noticed Casey was gone, and after weeks of trying to find the lost dog, they had nearly given up hope. 

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In one last effort, Fossett and her friend launched a Facebook campaign to track Casey down, and miraculously, Fossett received three calls from across the country saying they spotted Casey. “We didn’t hear anything, and I thought, that’s it, he’s died. He’s been shot or run over,” Fossett told the Telegraph. “All we kept thinking was, where is he?”

Then, two months later, she got a call from Newark and someone had found Casey hiding in the bushes in Nottinghamshire. A scanning of his microchip confirmed it, and Fossett rushed to be reunited with her beloved dog. 

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“I just burst into tears. I can’t describe it. When your dog’s been missing for two months you just don’t believe you’re going to see him again,” Fossett said. He was sitting in the corner and me and my partner walked in and I said ‘Casey’ and his little tail started to wag. Then we walked into the pen and he absolutely went ballistic. He howled, he cried, he jumped all over,” she said. 

Casey’s weight had dropped significantly and his fur was matted, but Fossett brought him to the groomers on Christmas Eve and she’s also helping him get the weight back on.

Credit: grimsbytelegraph.co.uk

“Throughout the whole ordeal we’ve not had a snarl, a bite, a growl. And he’s so hungry. We have to feed him four times a day,” Fossett said. She is now urging other dog owners to microchip their dogs and keep their details up to date to stop them from losing their pets. 

“I think it’s a fantastic story to make people aware of why you need to get your dog microchipped. If your dog goes missing you’ve got no chance,” she said.

Have you ever been reunited with your pet thanks to a microchip?

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