Loyal Dog Waits For His Best Friend Outside The Hospital

Loyal Dog Waits For His Best Friend Outside The Hospital

Dogs will do just about anything to make sure their companions are ok, and when one Brazilian stray dog’s best friend was being whisked away in an ambulance, he refused to let him go alone.

This past week, EMS workers from Brazil received a call about a homeless man that was dangerously sick from a respiratory problem, and when they arrived they found the man being guarded by his dog, Marrom. It was clear the man needed to go to the hospital, but when they started loading him in the vehicle, Marrom hopped in and refused to leave.

The workers were stunned at the dog’s loyalty and watched at Marrom sat carefully on the man for the entire ride to Hospital Humanitária. And when they arrived at the emergency room, Marrom was desperate to stay by his companion’s side and fought to enter the hospital.

The nurses and doctors were touched by his loyalty, but couldn’t let him inside because of other patients. However, once he calmed down and curled up in front of the door to wait, the staff would make frequent visits to give him food, water, and affection. And to make sure no one harassed him or tried to make him leave, the staff even put up a sign that read ‘Please, do not mistreat this animal, because he belongs to patient.’

For the next 32 hours, Marrom waited patiently outside until a local rescue group, APLA, stopped by to give him some much-needed care since he was covered in ticks and fleas. Now, Marrom is being safely watched by the rescue group until his human is released from the hospital to a shelter that they organized to take the loyal pair in.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Jairo Xavier de Oliveira]