Maine Man Is Arrested For Dressing Like Tree And Standing In Traffic

Maine Man Is Arrested For Dressing Like Tree And Standing In Traffic

A Portland, Maine man was arrested this week for simply dressing up like a tree and standing in a busy intersection.

What sounds like a clever Halloween gimmick was actually Asher Woodworth’s way of impacting “people’s natural choreography,” according to Assistant Police Chief Vern Malloch.

30-year-old Woodworth (an almost serendipitous name, given the circumstances) stood in traffic wearing pine needles and branches at the intersection of High and Congress streets. He was arrested by officers after refusing orders to leave the congested intersection.

[Portland Herald]
Woodworth was taken to the Cumberland County Jail, where bail was set at $60 cash. He was released later that night after making bail.

In an interview with Bangor Daily News, Woodworth said, “I just wanted to offer some perspective that would make people think twice about a point of their day that they weren’t otherwise extra aware of.”

He says he expected to receive attention locally from the folks in his physical space, but he never thought he’s become so poplar through social media. Now, the internet can’t help but comment on the fact that we’d all love to make this brooding Portland artist our Maine man.

When his mug shot was released, it went viral for both the strange story and the devilishly handsome fellow in the photo. In fact, some say his face could even turn the most stubborn Republican into a treehugger.

[Portland Sheriff's Office]
Woodworth now faces a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a public way. Regarding dealing with that he says, “I’ll just go to court and do all the normal choreographies and scripts of court.”

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