Man Buns Move Over, Merman Hair is the New Trend

Man Buns Move Over, Merman Hair is the New Trend

I can’t wait for the year 2042 when I get to tell my children, “well, kids, before I met your father, he had a lavender beard and tangerine hair because having hair like a male mermaid was a popular trend.”
At which point they’ll say, “Wow Mom, you guys were lame. I’m going hover-boarding on Mars.”
But seriously, merman hair is trending on Instagram and Pinterest, now that man buns are so early 2015. It saddens me to see such a great trend make its way out, but at least we’ll have men with pastel beards to console us.

Mermaid hair has been a popular style among women for quite a while.

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While men previously favored looks like this:


But now we’re seeing a large increase of males who are dyeing to get in on this colorful fad.

Merman hair, for ya nerves. #nofilter #gayman #manicpanic #mermanhair

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With a beard to match:



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#ManBun out, #MermanHair in! #?

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And of course, this dapper dude who looks like Neptune, himself

I love this trend that's starting #mermantrend#mermanhair

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Now, I’m just waiting to find my own lumbersexual merman! *Sigh* I’m sure he’s out there somewhere…

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