Man Buys Sea Turtles And Sets Them Free

Sea turtles from all over the world are legally pulled from the ocean, and meant to be sold as food. 

Although their are tons of sea turtle conservations all over the world, a man named Arron Culling decided he wanted to do his part to save even a few of these turtles. 

So Arron and his co-worker Mark drove down to the local market in New Zealand and purchased some sea turtles. 

Culling wrote on his Facebook page: 

“Found these at the local market got them for 50 bucks drove 5km up the road and let them go.”

He shared photos of the turtles release, and many people have been extremely touched by it, thanking Culling for what him and Mark have done.

Culling and Mark said they have rescued 10 sea turtles in total.

Despite the fact that six of the seven turtle species on the planet are endangered, marine turtle fishing still remains legal in many parts of the world. 

You can visit the Sea Turtle Conservancy website to learn numerous ways to help preserve sea turtles, and please SHARE Arron’s amazing story with your friends on Facebook.

[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- Arron Culling]