Man Discovers Breeder Sold Him An Inbred Wolf Dog

Man Discovers Breeder Sold Him An Inbred Wolf Dog

Unfortunately, many dog breeders view the puppies they sell as just a profit instead of the living, breathing animals that they are and cut corners whenever possible to make the most money.

So when Ben Hull started looking to buy a Siberian Husky puppy, he saw an ad in the local newspaper that caught his attention. The ad, which was posted by a former animal control officer, was for wolf dog puppies, and when he showed up at the breeder’s door a black puppy broke out of the house and jumped into his arms.

Hull instantly fell in love with the puppy, and since the breeder was an animal control officer, he trusted everything he was told. “At first he would jump on people in a friendly way, just wanting to smell or lick their faces like any big, hyperactive puppy would do,” Hull said about the dog he named Shade. “It was later, and as he got older, that this turned into being aggressive.”

Shade formed an incredibly strong bond with Hull and got along with the rest of the family and their pets, but would become aggressive around anyone else. Hull began researching wolf dogs and the breeder and realized Shade’s mother was also his grandmother, which only intensified his wolf characteristics. He quickly realized he would never be able to give Shade the space, care, and training that he would need, and decided to find him a better home.

A couple who had owned several wolf dogs before offered to take in Shade, but even they couldn’t handle Shade and reached out to Wolf Connection, a wolf and wolf dog sanctuary, and finally foud him the best home. “He goes out on lengthy hikes almost daily to explore the 165 acres of Wolf Connection,” said Cate Salansky from Wolf Connection. “Shade is so hyper-alert of every smell, sound and movement around him, and that awakens you to do the same, including your attention to Shade’s body language. He’s a very quiet, purposeful hiker and is always in the ‘now.'”

And while Hull knew he couldn’t keep Shade, he still loves him and visits whenever he’s in town. “I am so grateful to the couple that they found the people at Wolf Connection, and found Shade his new home with people that love and care about him,” Hull said. “Seeing his new life whenever I visit Wolf Connection is such a happy and emotional moment for me.”

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[Featured image: Ben Hull]