Man Rescues Baby Abandoned On Side Of Busy Interstate

Man Rescues Baby Abandoned On Side Of Busy Interstate

While driving home from a church youth group trip, one Oklahoma City man spotted what looked like a doll in a car seat on the shoulder of a busy interstate.

Roger Prater, the driver of the Abba’s House Worship Center van, couldn’t believe what he was seeing so he decided to pull over to check it out. “It was not moving. Its eyes were closed,” Prater explained. “I thought, ‘Lord, don’t let this thing be hurt.’”

“When I went by, he jiggled his feet back and forth and that’s what caught my eyes the most,” Prater said.  “I grabbed the carrier and his eyes popped open. He was well-dressed, no cuts or bruises. The kids on the van, they all kind of teared up.”

The baby appeared to be healthy despite sitting out in 91-degree heat, but Prater immediately called 911. While waiting for first responders, another driver pulled over and helped change the boy’s diaper. When the police arrived, they discovered the baby’s birth certificate, Social Security card, and $5,500 in cash stuffed in and around the car seat.

Doctors later determined the infant was perfectly healthy and placed him in the care of social workers while the police determine why his mother abandoned him on the side of the road.

Listen to the entire 911 call below to hear the moment this bus driver realized what was left on the side of a busy interstate.

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[Feaured image: Fox/Roger Prater]