Man Rescues Stranger And Her Dogs From Fire

Man Rescues Stranger And Her Dogs From Fire

Firefighters go through tons of training and use heavy-duty protective gear to limit their chance of getting injured or killed when they run into burning buildings.

So when Florida first responders and firemen arrived at the scene of a deadly house fire in Brevard County, they were stunned when they realized what a total stranger did to save a woman and her dogs trapped inside the burning home with no way to get out.

Shortly after the fire started at the house, Josh Leissa was driving by and stopped when he spotted billowing smoke. “Driving by and I seen some clouds and it was too big to be a bonfire,” Josh said. Because of the amount of smoke and flames, Josh knew there wasn’t enough time to wait for firefighters to arrive. Instead, he decided to run into the burning home without any protective gear.

“I went into the front door and that part was blocked so I couldn’t go in there. So I had to go to the back and she was in the back room.” Josh said. ” (It was) a lot of smoke. Could barely see anything.” Once inside, Josh found a woman lying on the ground with two dogs. “I grabbed her and her dogs and got her out of there,” he said.

Shortly after, first responders arrived and gave the woman oxygen before taking her to the hospital. Unfortunately, by the time the crews put out the fire, the woman’s other two dogs had already passed away. Without Josh’s bravery, no one would have survived the fire. “I feel good, I feel good I’m happy that she’s OK.”

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[Featured image: WESH]