Man Returns Reward To Family After Finding Kidnapped Girl

Man Returns Reward To Family After Finding Kidnapped Girl

After leaving for work, one Minnesota man realized he forgot something at home and had to turn around. As he drove home to his farm, he saw what he thought was a deer in his field.

However, as 65-year-old Earl Melchert got closer, he realized it was actually a teenage girl that appeared to be exhausted and in distress. The girl turned out to be 15-year-old Jasmine Block, who had been missing since early August, so he immediately called the police and brought her to safety.

Jasmine told police that she had been lured out of her home by a family acquaintance, Thomas Barker, and had been held captive by him and two other men. During the time, they attacked and sexually assaulted her. “I was usually in a closet and I usually stayed quiet because I was scared they might hit me or do something,” Jasmine said.

Almost a month after being kidnapped, Jasmine escaped when they left her alone for the first time to get food. The three men have since been charged with charges ranging from kidnapping and false imprisonment to first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

This past Friday, Alexandria Police Department Chief Rick Wyffels presented Melchert with the $7,000 reward, which was donated by the girl’s family and an anonymous donor. “What no one expected was the kindness and generosity that came straight from Earl’s heart today,” Wyffels said.

“He believes that young lady that came running towards him that September day is the real hero and without hesitation, Earl handed the reward over to her, followed by a big hug. Thank you Earl, it is people like you that make this world a better place,” Wyffels added. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” Melchert said.

Can you believe what this man did with the reward money after he found a kidnapped girl? Let us know what you would have done if you were in this man’s situation?

[Featured image: Facebook/Alexandria Police Department]