Man Wanted A Hot Soak At Yellowstone National Park, Dissolves In Boiling Acid

Man Wanted A Hot Soak At Yellowstone National Park, Dissolves In Boiling Acid

Rules are made to be broken, right? Not if you’re visiting Yellowstone National Park, that is.

If you find yourself at Yellowstone National Park, a national preserve known for its hot springs, steaming geysers, and pristine beauty, then do yourself a favor and stick to those rules like super glue.

When 23-year-old college graduate Colin Scott went on a post-grad trip, the adventurer wanted to take a dip in a hot pool, the Norris Geyser Basin. The park bans bathing in hot pools because many have caustic repercussions. Scott consequently died as a result of entering the water.

According to park officials, the incident happened on June 7. They said Scott’s sister, Sable Scott, told them her brother had reached to check the temperature of the water. He then slipped and fell into the high acidic water. She tried to rescue her brother, but unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful.

Sable Scott notified park officials but rescue attempts were thwarted by an approaching thunderstorm. Park officials returned to the hot pool the next day to retrieve the body, but there were no remains to retrieve. The strong acid had disintegrated the body.

[Yellowstone National Park]
This is not the first incident in which unsuspecting visitors have accidentally become victims of the hot pool. Yellowstone’s website boasts cautionary tales of people who have gotten to close to the deadly waters and lost their lives to it. At least 20 people before Scott have died in the waters, the most recent happening in 2000.

Deputy Chief Ranger Lorant Veress told news sources the park encloses dangerous pools for the preservation of nature, but mostly “for the safety of people, because it’s a very unforgiving environment.”


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