Men Dressed As Batman Chase Off Clowns To Make Kids Feel Safe

Men Dressed As Batman Chase Off Clowns To Make Kids Feel Safe

By now, everyone has heard about the creepy clowns sweeping the world and scaring off kids and parents alike. 

But the children in Britain got a much-needed reprieve when men dressed up in Batman costumes in an attempt to fight off scary clowns. After hearing how many children were traumatized over the country’s clown sightings, a costume shop in Cumbria called Cumbria Superheroes had “Batmans” roam the streets to get rid of them. 

BBC Cumbria posted the photos to their Facebook in hopes of helping kids feel less afraid of the clowns and giving them comfort knowing a superhero is on their side. 

One Batman told Scary Mommy, “‘Cumbria Superheroes’ Batman decided to stand up for the many kids that were affected by the clown stories! Not as a vigilante, but a figure of reassurance. Many kids were put at ease knowing that a superhero was in town chasing the clowns away!” BBC Cumbria even shared a note from a child grateful that he could go to school now without being afraid: 

To top all of this off, Batman even made a special promise to keep kids safe: 

Do you wish more people would take more initiative to scare off clowns in your neighborhood?

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[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- BBC Cumbria]