Mickey Mouse Tells Foster Kids They’re Getting Adopted

Mickey Mouse Tells Foster Kids They’re Getting Adopted

Walt Disney World is known as the place where dreams can come true, so Pennsylvania foster parents thought it would be the perfect place to share some life-changing news with their foster kids.

Foster parents Courtney and Tom Gilmour have opened their home and their hearts to their foster kids, Janielle and Elijah, and after three years together, they thought it was finally time to officially adopt them and make them part of the family.

Janielle and Elijah were thrilled when they found out they were getting adopted, but didn’t know when it would finally happen. “They were thinking they would get adopted after school got out at the end of the school year, but once we got the actual date I thought, ‘How awesome would it be to tell them there?’” mom Courtney Gilmour said about the family’s April trip to Disney World. “We were planning a trip to the Star Wars Celebration. It was in Orlando and as we were looking at the kids’ school calendar and we saw there was an additional 24 hours we could spend down there. And the kids had never been to Disney before.”

After the Gimour’s arrived at their hotel, staff reached out to make the surprise announcement even more special. “Disney offered a special meet and greet with Mickey so he could let them know their adoption date. The kids had no idea any of this was happening. They just thought they were getting their books signed,” Courtney said.

During the meet and greet, Mickey surprised the kids with a sign that had the official date of their adoption, and they instantly burst into tears. “It feels amazing,” Janielle said. “I’ve been going through a lot and it’s amazing to be adopted… I gave my parents a big hug because I was so excited to finally find out when the adoption date was going to be. They said it was going to be a magical day and it really was a magical day. I started to cry because I was so happy that we were getting adopted.”

“I wasn’t expecting them to have that reaction. Usually, you know your kids and it takes a little bit for something to click in for them,” said Courtney Gilmour. “It was something they desperately wanted — closure on the adoption date.”

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing moment these kids find out their official adoption date.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Courtney Gilmour]