Miracle Dog Survives Being Shot In The Head

Miracle Dog Survives Being Shot In The Head

The best part of any dog owner’s day is the moment they finally get home from a long day of work to be greeted by their furry loved one with kisses and tail wags.

That’s why when one Florida man’s dog, Anubis, wasn’t at the door to greet him when he got home one evening, he knew something was very wrong. When Chris Watson stepped further into his home, he saw his entire house had been ransacked. He had been robbed and his dog was nowhere to be found.

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“I tried calling out for Anubis, but he didn’t answer, so I called police, and the K9 unit went in for me because I was too shaken up,” Watson said. “Sure enough, Anubis came around the corner, and when he saw me, he immediately came over and put my head to my lap. That’s when I realized he was bleeding.”

Photo by ABC

A police officer shined a light at Anubis, which is when they finally saw the ‘prominent bullet hole’ in his head. They immediately raced Anubis to the vet, yet despite the trauma, the 150-pound Rhodesian Ridgeback seemed perfectly fine.

“Anubis has been handling the whole situation better than I am,” Watson said. “He’s the most friendly dog you can meet. He’s like a little boy. He loves people, and he’s been the highlight of the clinic here. That’s what makes this all the more painful. I don’t understand why anyone would want to shoot a dog like him in the head.”

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Luckily, veterinarian Dr. Andrea Smith from the Blue Pearl emergency clinic managed to remove the bullet, which went through his skin, grazed his skull and got stuck in his neck. “It’s incredible, he’s very fortunate,” a spokeswoman said. “The bullet nearly missed major arteries and blood vessels.”

“Anubis is my son,” Watson said. “I can have my items stolen or my house damaged, and all that is replaceable. But Anubis? He’s family.”

Watch the entire video below to see the incredible way this dog is handling such a traumatizing situation.

Can you believe someone would shoot this sweet dog?

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