Miracle Dog Undergoes Transformation After Snake Bite Swells His Face

Miracle Dog Undergoes Transformation After Snake Bite Swells His Face

Ouch! This poor pooch had to learn the hard way not to mess with animals he hasn’t met yet!

A copperhead snake is likely to blame after a dog named Logar fell victim to some extremely powerful venom. Thankfully, the amazing heroes at Pet Helpers, Inc., a group of volunteer rescuers in West Virginia, knew exactly what to do when the unlucky beagle came to them with a face that you had to see in person to believe.

Once Logar’s shocking mug shot went viral, people online accused the rescuers of Pet Helpers, Inc. of using photoshop to alter the image, but they insisted that it was real and the dog looked far worse than he really was.

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After administering anti-venom to the beagle, the dog luckily started to transform before their eyes and by the next day, he looked unrecognizable.

The shocking story brings to light just how many snake bites occur each year and how susceptible other animals are, as you can see in this incredible article about a boy who saved his dog’s life.

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Although Pet Helper’s, Inc. couldn’t verify for certain who the culprit was in this unfortunate incident, Logar’s story encourages all pet parents to watch out for snakes in the grass and to be wary of facial swelling.

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