Miracle Toddler Survives Falling Off The Roof Of A Hotel

Miracle Toddler Survives Falling Off The Roof Of A Hotel

This past year, one curious toddler make his way up to the roof of a hotel his family was staying at and tragically fell off the sixth-floor balcony. The fall should have killed him, but he miraculously survived.

Neil Shanahan, then two-and-a-half years old, had been staying at the Strand Hotel in Limerick with his family when he darted off into an elevator without his parents and went up to the sixth floor. Not realizing how dangerous it was, Neil made his way out onto a rooftop balcony, climbed out onto large letters that spelled the hotel’s name, and then fell to the ground when he lost his grip.

Thankfully, American nurse Julie Genova was on vacation in Limerick and immediately ran to help when she saw the toddler fall to the ground. “I just want to thank the woman who resuscitated him, she is an American nurse. I just saw her breath life back into him,” mom Martina Collins said. “When he coughed and when he moaned, I just knew he wasn’t dead. It was an amazing thing that she was there, and that she was on site at that moment.”

Neil was rushed to the hospital alive but in critical condition and had to be put into the ICU and put in a full body cast. But just five weeks later, Neil was allowed to go home and has since made a full recovery. “I believe I got a dig out, I really do,” Martina said. “I’m just so delighted I got my [boy] back. He’s my life. I would never have got over it if we had lost him.”

The now three-year-old has no remaining injuries from the accident and just returned to the Rainbow Childcare Academy for the first time since the accident. “He has just settled back in with so much ease. A lot of children have enrolled this year,” said manager Nichola McEwan, who was stunned to see how well Neil has recovered. “He wouldn’t have known them. But he’s just slotted in. He loved all the activities. He’s very sociable. He’s just a delight to have.”

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[Featured image: Press 22]