Mom And Daughter Were Turned Away From Daddy-Daughter Dance

Mom And Daughter Were Turned Away From Daddy-Daughter Dance

Father-daughter dances are supposed to be a way for dads to bond with their little girls and spend some quality time together.

Unfortunately, for little girls without fathers, father-daughter events are a heartbreaking reminder that their family is different than most. When one Michigan girl got a flier for her school’s Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Day Dance, she was heartbroken and didn’t think she could go since her dad left them when she was six-months-old. However, then she decided to ask her mom to take her.

“She was just excited she asked if I could take her. We did see that it was a father-daughter dance and my stepdad offered to take her and my boyfriend offered to take her and she said no, she wanted her mom to take her because it’s just been us two. She knows I’ve played both roles, so she said, ‘If you can’t go, I don’t want to go.’ So I said, ‘OK. I’ll call and I’ll see,’” mom Caitlin Sumey said.

Sumey called both of the centers where tickets were being sold and asked if it was ok. They both said she wouldn’t have a problem getting in and paid $50 for both tickets. “I had one guy actually say how awesome it was for taking my daughter to a father-daughter Valentine’s dance,” said Sumey.

So when the day of the dance came, Sumey and her daughter got all dressed up to go. However, when they got to the dance, they were denied entry. “They said, ‘Your mother is not a man. She cannot take you,’” said Sumey, who then had to watch her devastated daughter break down in tears. “As a mother, that broke my heart.”

Sumey had checked with the venue, but the event was hosted by the Kalamazoo Junior Girls Organization, and the director explained that no women are allowed in the dance. Only fathers and other male family members were allowed in. Yet members of the community have been quick to criticize the organization for the way they handled the situation. “This organization should be ashamed! How dare you not allow a girl to enjoy her “father/daughter” dance because she did not have a father to bring her! Her mother was going with her which was such a wonderful thing,” a member of the community wrote on the organization’s Facebook.

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