Mom Arrested After Forcing Bully Son To Strip Naked And Walk Around School

Mom Arrested After Forcing Bully Son To Strip Naked And Walk Around School

Almost all parents can agree that bullying is unacceptable and harmful to everyone involved, however, many parents struggle to accept their child’s responsibility after discovering their child is the problem and put an end to it.

Yet, when one 32-year-old Georgia mom found out her 11-year-old son was bullying a girl in his class, she was very clear with him. If he started trouble at school ever again, she would ‘embarrass’ him. So when the boy got in trouble a second time for bullying, she followed through on her promise.


A little over a month ago, mom Joyce Sweetheart Cole was furious after her son’s school contacted her and told her that her son had bullied a girl. However, when she was called into a meeting on Halloween, she found out her son had kicked the same girl, and decided it was time to teach her boy a lesson.

“The meeting ends and the parent stripped the 11-year-old of his clothing and sent him on out to her car in the parking lot,” Sgt. Dana Pierce from the Cobb County Police Department said. “The school’s staff, including several teachers, went to the 11-year-old’s aid, trying to clothe and cover him so he could avoid being embarrassed.”

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After parading him around in front of his classmates, she walked him to her car to bring him home, however, his punishment wasn’t finished. “Just prior to arriving at their apartment complex, she again told him to get out of the car and he was told to walk home, into the apartment complex, without clothes on,” Pierce alleges. Soon after, the police were contacted and arrested Cole for child cruelty and her three children were taken into state custody because of the incident.

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