Mom Can Only Dress Her 7-Month-Old In Dolls Clothing Because He’s So Small

Mom Can Only Dress Her 7-Month-Old In Dolls Clothing Because He’s So Small

Baby Matthew Riddle III was born seven months ago, but just by looking at him, it looks like he was just “born five minutes ago.”

Matthew has a rare case of dwarfism called microcephalic osteodysplasia primordial dwarfism type two (MOPDII), a condition that leaves him with a normal quality of life, but a few hurdles to make it past. Matthew will still be able to run, jump, and play like other kids, but he will just do it in smaller strides.

Matthew’s doctors notified his mom about the irregular growth pattern early in the pregnancy, but at 28 weeks, they had no other option, but to induce labor to save his life.

When he was born, the small boy weighed just one pound and two ounces. Now, at seven months old, the little guy still only weighs three pounds, but his condition has improved.

Matthew had to undergo a series of tests and surgeries due to his pint size. Unfortunately, the tot has a significantly smaller head than most children and slower brain development, but thankfully, this does not impact his overall wellbeing.

“Matthew will be just like everybody else. He’ll be out there throwing the ball like a regular kid, he’s just extra small, there is nothing wrong with just being different,” said Matthew’s mother, Jenevieve.


Perhaps the most bizarre issue this mom has had to deal with is finding clothes that fit Matthew. She says she typically dresses him in clothing made for dolls or bought from Build-A-Bear workshop because ordinary infant clothing is too big. Jenevieve tells WLKY that most who see Matthew are supportive, though some are quite visibly stunned.

Most people with Matthew’s condition tend to be anywhere from 20-40 inches when they have fully grown into adults.

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[Featured Image: WLKY]