Mom Finds Out She’s Going To Be A Grandma On Her Birthday Cake

Mom Finds Out She’s Going To Be A Grandma On Her Birthday Cake

When one Missouri family came together to celebrate a few birthdays that all fell in the same week, daughter Hillary Hinrichs revealed there was another, life-changing reason they should be celebrating.

This past April, Hillary Hinrichs and her husband, Derek, knew the entire family would be gathered to celebrate multiple birthdays within the family, and decided it was the perfect opportunity to surprise everyone with the news that they were expecting their first child. “If I have the hiccups I tell my family,” Hillary said. “But we knew it would be more special with my grandma and aunts and mother-in-law and grandma-in-law all there. We knew it would be more special if everyone was there.”

To deliver the exciting news, Hillary had the words “Happy birthday ya stupid lookin’ grandma” written on her mom’s birthday cake. As the family sung “Happy Birthday,” Hillary set the cake down in front of mom, Terry Overfelt. “I was reading the cake to see if everybody’s names made it and when it said ‘grandma’ at the bottom I was just undone,” Overfelt said. “The message looks kind of crass but because we are so close, it’s a term of endearment. When it ended in ‘grandma,’ that processing moment was hilarity and awe.”

“My sister is super-shocked because she thought I’d been drinking that whole Friday and weekend,” said Hillary, who is 10 weeks along in her pregnancy. “Derek [her husband] didn’t want anyone to know until everyone was in town on Saturday, so he filled up empty Coors Light bottles with Fresca. It was his idea. I knew if anyone asked I wouldn’t be able to lie. We were just too excited. But I knew if I looked like I was drinking, that no one would ask.”

“It was a gush of warmth and love and happiness,” Overfelt added. “I am so happy for her and for Derek… This is going to break their hearts open in such new love. It’s great to think about this little person, this little girl coming our way.”

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing moment this mom finds out she’s going to be a grandmother.

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[Featured image: ABC News/Hillary Hinrichs]