Mom Gets Mind-Blowing Sign From Her Little Boy Who Died

Mom Gets Mind-Blowing Sign From Her Little Boy Who Died

Marie Robinson and her husband, Terrence have been married for more than 15 years and they built a beautiful life for their family in Hampshire, England. 

The couple welcomed three daughters before and twin sons- Jack and Liam. The boys were a blessing to the family until their world changed when Jack was diagnosed with brain cancer. Jack had a stage four tumor and his prognosis wasn’t looking too good, but Jack fought up until the very last moment. 

The Robinson family were devastated to lose one of their children so young, but Jack has recently made his presence known in the most incredible way. According to, Marie says that when the boys were little, she took them for strolls and they looked for robins. The robins have come to be a sign that Jack is always near, and on April 1, 2017, exactly three years after losing her son, Marie got a signal that left her in tears. 

“After Jack passed,” Marie recalls, “whenever we were out on trips or on holiday, we would always come across a robin and we would say, ‘hello Jack.’” On April 1, 2017, she was visiting Jack’s grave and asked him to “show Mommy a sign.”

As she sat down, a robin landed on her foot. Marie burst into tears as she held the robin in her hands and she shared the incredible video on Facebook“Cant believe whats just happened come to see my precious boy jack just sat down on ground next to him and this happened.yes it brought me to tears.taking it as a sign from jack,” the grieving mom wrote. 

“I went totally numb when the robin flew to me,” Marie added. 

The video has now made its way around the world and it’s continuing to give people hope that sometimes if you really need a sign, God will give it to you. 

This special moment gave Marie a true sense of peace. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Marie Robinson/Facebook]