Mom Learns An Important Life Lesson From A Simple Stack Of Cookies

Mom Learns An Important Life Lesson From A Simple Stack Of Cookies

Have you ever been too eager to judge and then regretted your jump to quick conclusions?

Too many times, I’ve done this in my own personal life, and I know I’m not alone. The following story came to us here at LifeDaily following a popular parable we shared last week. These kinds of stories are sweet and inspiring, and sometimes they even change lives. Despite not knowing their origin, we still feel their impact, because their messages ring true in our hearts.

This particular story speaks of a Mom named Mary who runs her own business and juggles a lot of responsibility.

Image is a recreation meant to reflect true events [Shutter Stock]
One day, Mary found herself at the airport rushing to catch a flight. Despite the hurried goodbye she gave her family and the rushed instructions she tossed to the cab driver, Mary still had no control over the weather and her flight was delayed an hour.

Frustrated, Mary huffed her way into the airport lounge where she ordered a strong cup of coffee and a package of warm, chocolate chip cookies.

The lounge was crowded that afternoon. Her flight wasn’t the only delayed one and she stood in a sea of vacationing couples, business people, and children with Mickey Mouse ears. Mary found a table that was occupied by just one man wearing a sleek tie and staring at a tablet.

Image is a recreation meant to reflect true events [Shutter Stock]

“Mind if I join?” Mary asked quietly.

He met her eyes and gave her a polite nod, though he continued with his own task.

Mary pulled out the contents of her bag, setting down her computer, cell phone, notepad, and a daily planner.

As Mary scrolled through her emails, her blood pressure began to rise. There were issues that were out of her control and they were causing pressure to drum through her temples. She reached absent-mindedly for one of the warm cookies that sat just behind her computer. They had been cooked mere hours ago and she felt their gooey goodness drip through her soul with warmth as she ate.

Mary sighed with relief as she ate the cookie, trying to focus less on the future and more upon the present. Looking up, however, she saw the man at her table had just helped himself to one of her cookies. He nodded politely again as he pulled one of the cookies from the stack.

Mary didn’t want to say anything for fear of being rude, so instead she simply focused on her computer again, but as she reached for another cookie…he did too.

There were nine small cookies wrapped in cellophane, and with each cookie Mary grabbed, so did the man. Growing increasingly more frustrated as time passed, Mary wanted to say something, but found herself at a loss for words. Finally, with just one cookie left, the man reached forward, split it in half and gave her the last half of HER last cookie.

Too angry to eat and ready to board her flight soon anyway, Mary stood and packed up her belongings.

“I’m sorry, but some people are so rude,” she said as she threw her raincoat into the crook of her elbow.

“Yes,” the man said, “but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of love.”

Perplexed and baffled by his audacity, Mary slung her leather backpack over her shoulder and made her way toward her gate.

Upon arriving at the plane, she reached into her backpack to pull out her cell phone, but instead her cuticle bitten fingers grazed over sticky cellophane. Mary looked into her bag and felt her heart sigh with sad realization.

Mary pulled out a neat wrap of chocolate chip cookies, still warm from the insulation of her purse.

In her haste, Mary had failed to notice the cookies on the table belonged to the man. While she had been carrying a heart heavy with frustration and stress, the man had simply pushed his cookies her way and even split his last cookie with her.

Knowing it was already too late, Mary’s heart broke with the realization that dawned on her. She put her phone back into her bag and stared out the window as the plane broke through gray clouds and into the glow of a setting sun.

Mary’s story is one all of us can relate to in one way or another. If you believe all people are flawed, but still worth of love, then please SHARE this story and remind those around you of the importance of kindness and counting your blessings.

[Featured Image Credit: Shutter Stock–please note images are a recreation reflecting actual events]