Mom Shields Baby About To Be Crushed By A Falling Tree

Mom Shields Baby About To Be Crushed By A Falling Tree

A good mom will do absolutely anything to keep their child safe, and when one Massachusetts mom saw her baby was about to be crushed to death, she sacrificed herself to save his life.

Mom Sarah Dredge was out playing in the snow with her two-year-old son when a massive tree suddenly snapped and started pulling down power lines and a transformer. Dredge watched as the tree began to fall towards their front lawn and realized that they were about to be crushed.

Since there was no time to grab her toddler and run out of the way, Dredge got on top of her son and acted as a human shield to save him from being crushed. Miraculously, they both survived and Dredge only suffered a few scratches and a concussion.

“They were all lucky to be far enough away from the main part of the tree that it did as little damage that it did,” said Dredge’s husband, Jonnie. “I’m really glad I didn’t know how big it was before I saw her alive and OK. Afterwards, I saw the pictures, and I was pretty upset by that.”

“It’s the best thing that someone could do,” Jonnie said. “This is our son. She’s a wonderful person, and I think she saved his life.”

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[Featured image: WCVB]