Mom Sues Hospital After They Gave Her The Wrong Baby To Breastfeed

Mom Sues Hospital After They Gave Her The Wrong Baby To Breastfeed

After Melissa Richman had endured a three hour C-section at Valley Hospital, a nurse brought a baby in for her to breastfeed, only for Richman to find out it wasn’t her child. 

According to CBS2, 20 minutes later, a nurse came to take the baby away and revealed the terrible mistakeRichmond recalled the nurse saying, “‘I need you to give me the baby right now.’ She said, ‘There has been a terrible mistake. This isn’t your baby.’ I started going back and thinking, ‘Did I feed her the first time? Is this even my baby? How does something like this even happen?’”

Richman said she had called for her newborn to be brought to her around 4:30 am and she was given the wrong baby because a common safety protocol was ignored. No one checked the hospital-issued wristbands. 

When Richman’s daughter Scarlett was finally brought to her to feed, it wasn’t the happy moment she had expected. “She was frustrated and upset because there was really nothing left for her. I had just nursed this other baby for 20 minutes[,] so I was probably totally depleted,” Richman told CBS 2

She continued saying how upset she was with the way the baby was handled. “They immediately put [my daughter] right on me, and they didn’t clean me off, so I started worrying about the saliva and stuff from the other baby.” Richman then had to go through a string of tests to make sure no infections had been passed on from her to the other baby. 

Richman and her husband, David are now suing Valley Hospital for the mix-up, which occurred this past September. David told CBS 2, “The hospital failed to be accountable, made us feel horrible like it was our fault that something happened.”

The couple felt it was important for the situation to be addressed, so it doesn’t happen to anyone else: “If a mistake like this goes under the table and people don’t talk about it, it could happen again, and again, and again,” she said.

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