Mom Survives After Losing Nearly All Of Her Blood

Mom Survives After Losing Nearly All Of Her Blood

For nine months, one UK mom had planned on giving birth at home. However, when her due date came and went, she was forced to be induced at the hospital and it’s the reason she’s still alive today.

“We previously had a meeting with the midwife to discuss a home birth – we had really considered it, but if we had had one I wouldn’t be here today,” said 24-year-old mom Heather Armstrong, who started hemorrhaging massive amounts of blood shortly after giving birth to baby Ava.

Doctors were forced to manually remove the placenta, and discovered that her uterus was collapsing. By that point, Heather had already lost two liters of blood. Doctors rushed her into an emergency surgery yet she still lost about four liters of blood overall, which nearly killed her since the average adult has between 4.7 and 5.5 liters of blood.

“I hemorrhaged pretty bad, losing almost four liters of blood – which is the around the amount in your whole body,” Heather said. “I was on the high dependency unit for five days as my iron levels were not staying high enough and I was at risk of cardiac arrest. Kieron looked after the baby – I didn’t get a chance to care for her – the midwives and nurses were great with Ava. I was given 10 units of blood, which equated to four liters.”

Since the December 12th birth, Heather has been in and out of the hospital getting iron transfusions and blood tests and is only just feeling better. “I had one-to-one care throughout – without the amazing staff and the generosity of people donating blood, I without a doubt wouldn’t be here today.”

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[Featured Image: DevonLive]