Mom Warns Parents After Daughter Almost Died From Energy Drink

Mom Warns Parents After Daughter Almost Died From Energy Drink

Everyone knows that energy drinks aren’t the healthiest of beverages, but now one UK mom is warning parents just how dangerous the caffeine-filled drinks are after her 13-year-old almost lost her life after drinking them.

Like many other students, 13-year-old Caitlin Fraser would buy a caffeine energy drink every day at lunch from an ice cream truck outside her school, but she recently learned how much damage the drinks were doing to her body after she collapsed in class and started suffering stroke-like symptoms.

“The right side of my face dropped and I was wondering what was going on then two minutes later my full right side had dropped and I had no sensation down my right side,” said Caitlin. “I was really scared, my friends then told the teacher who went and got a first aider and the school contacted my mum and dad and then phoned an ambulance. When the ambulance arrived I was rushed to Monklands Hospital and was seen straight away. I was given a CT scan, an ECG, I had my blood tested and a chest X-ray.”

“I had no idea what was happening and was very worried, I didn’t really know what to think,” the 13-year-old said. Finally, doctors diagnosed her with sporadic Hemiplegic Migraine that was brought on from the dangerously high caffeine levels in her body.

“I used to buy this drink Emerge every day at lunch from the ice cream van which is parked outside school and some shops in the street. The doctors and consultant said if I drink this again I could end up having a cardiac arrest. I just want to make people aware of what happened to me, yes it’s very rare, but it can happen to you.

Laura Fraser, Caitlin’s mom, is now warning parents to be more careful about what their kids are drinking. “Caitlin was very lucky, she had no idea these were causing so much harm. When the teachers called me I was truly horrified, I thought she was having a stroke,” Laura said. “She will never drink these drinks again because of what happened to her, but I wanted to warn other parents to urge their children to be careful. This could have been so much worse.”

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[Featured image: Facebook/Caitlin Fraser]