Moms Donate Breast Milk For Baby Of Slain Palm Springs Cop

Moms Donate Breast Milk For Baby Of Slain Palm Springs Cop

New moms far and wide are going above and beyond the call of duty for the baby of a female police officer whose life was tragically taken soon.

When rookie police officer Lesley Zerebny heard that her fellow officers at the Palm Springs Police Department needed her help, she decided to cut her maternity leave short and get back to the job where she worked for just a year and a half earlier than expected.

Sadly, the loyal 27-year-old officer had no idea she would never get that extra time with her daughter. Zerebny was killed On October 8 by gunfire while responding with two fellow officers to a domestic dispute. Also killed was 63-year-old Jose Gilbert Vega who was planned on retiring just two months before his death.

Zerebny’s husband, a sheriff’s deputy, was left alone with their four-month-old daughter Cora. Knowing the baby would desperately need a mother’s milk, a local mom decided to contact the slain officer’s family to see if she could donate some milk… and a campaign took off from there, with more than one year’s worth of breast milk being donated by new mothers.

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