Nanny Sacrifices Herself To Protect 3-Year-Old From Dog Attack

Nanny Sacrifices Herself To Protect 3-Year-Old From Dog Attack

In an emergency situation, a parent would do absolutely anything, including sacrifice their own life, in order to protect their children. A stranger, on the other hand, might not…

That’s why it can be so difficult for parents to leave their child in the care of someone else. However, one Colorado mom can rest assured that her 3-year-old son is safe with her nanny after the woman sacrificed herself to protect the little boy when they were attacked by a dog.

Sharon Molloy had been babysitting 3-year-old Jack Melichar at his family’s home when the neighbor’s two dogs got loose and ended up on the home’s porch. Molloy and the children went out to help return the friendly looking dogs to the neighbor, however, once outside, one of the dogs turned on the little boy.

“He went up on his hind legs, almost looking like he was going to say hello,” Molloy said about one of the two Briards. “He went down and took the boy and just started mauling him.” The dog badly bit Jack, who ended up needing 36 stitches, but he easily could have died if Molloy didn’t step in and shield him from the dog. In the process, she ended up getting badly mauled in her arm and leg with the bites going through to the bone.

Thankfully neighbors saw what happened and called the police and a brave neighbor stepped in a fought the dog off with a rake and a hose. Molloy ended up needing surgery and stitches and stayed in the hospital for five days and goes to occupational therapy since the attack. “Everybody says in an emergency, ‘Oh this is what I would do.’ She actually did do it, like real heroes do. She totally saved his life,” said Jack’s mother, who couldn’t express how thankful she was that Molloy protected her son.

Watch the entire video below to see the heroic way this nanny saved the life of a three-year-old in her care.

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[Feauted image: CBS]