Neglect Bunny Is Freed From Pounds Of Matted Fur

Neglect Bunny Is Freed From Pounds Of Matted Fur

Unfortunately, many people think owning a pet means getting to play with a cute, fuzzy animal all day but in reality, pets are an extremely expensive, time-consuming responsibility.

Unfortunately, many pet owners are extremely unprepared for the task of owning pets like dogs, cat, and bunnies, and one North Carolina rabbit rescue organization showed what happens when irresponsible and unprepared people get their hands on an animal.

After a man reached out and contacted Jennie Hoyt, president and founder of the New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue, saying he no longer wanted his Angora rabbit, she happily told him she would take him in so that she could help find him a home that really wanted him. “[Rambo’s] owner stated that they gave him up to me because it wasn’t getting along with the other rabbit,” Hoyt sad. “Once I got the rabbit home, I could tell that there was more to the story.”

Rambo was starving and had so much matted fur that he could barely move and couldn’t even go to the bathroom. “Normally, rabbits die before they are starved as he was — so it is truly a miracle he survived his ordeal,” Hoyt said about the animal who was days away from dying.

The rescue team immediately shaved off the pounds of filthy matted fur, gave Rambo antibiotics, and started him on a diet to help him gain weight. Thanks to their help, Rambo was able to fully recover from the neglect and has even grown a new, healthy coat of fur.

While no animal deserves to be neglected, Hoyt decided to share Rambo’s story to show others how important it is to be responsible pet owners.”The owner had used our [rescue’s] veterinarian to get him neutered a few months prior to surrender,” Hoyt said. “I spoke to the vet about it and we decided that the best approach was to use this as an educational story and not to go after [the owner] personally … Angora [rabbits] are the most difficult breed to own and keep properly.”

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[Featured image: NHC Rabbit Rescue of Wilmington]