Neighbors Are Outraged When Family Sets Up Creepy Halloween Display

Neighbors Are Outraged When Family Sets Up Creepy Halloween Display

It’s that time of year again, when people are breaking out their Halloween decorations, and getting each other in the spookiest holiday spirit. 

Yet one family’s display in Texas is getting push-back from moms who say children shouldn’t see these kinds of decorations while walking around the neighborhood. The display includes zombie babies with red eyes splattered in blood sitting in a crib that used to belong to the family’s sons. 

Credit: KTRK

A zombie mother looks on, and hanging from the house are plastic limbs and severed heads.

While the display has gotten positive reactions from some children in the neighborhood, one mother wrote KTRK saying, Halloween decorations are going too far. Young children should not be exposed to this while walking around the neighborhood.

Credit: KTRK

One of the other neighbors, Greg Pagans said that he’s fine with the display. “It’s their yard; they pay their taxes on that yard,” he said. “It’s hard to keep everybody happy, impossible to keep everybody happy.” Pagans describes the mother and father as being great neighbors and they have three boys, ranging from 8 months to 10 years old. 

Thirteen-year-old Charles Mechura, who lives in the neighborhood said,“I think they’re cool. It’s more different than the normal ones you see. You can see they’re plastic and not real; you don’t see bloody babies roaming around normally.”

We can totally understand while some parents would not want their young children to see this. Especially if their kids are prone to nightmares.

Do you think this Halloween display went too far? How would you feel if this was in your neighborhood?

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[Featured Image Credit: KTRK]