New Plumbing Business Goes Viral After People See The Logo On His Truck

New Plumbing Business Goes Viral After People See The Logo On His Truck

When Nick Huckson installed a new logo on the side of his company truck, he didn’t think he was going to become an internet sensation, but that’s exactly what happened.

Huckson is a man who knows how to take care of business. The 25-year-old owner of The Sault’s Plumber told KWQC, “my phone hasn’t stopped ringing. I was just hoping to get some attention here locally.  I had no idea the photo would go viral.”

Huckson’s grandfather, also a plumber, gave the new business-owner the idea of putting a new decal on his driver’s side door. That genius idea was just a picture of a plumber umm…putting his business on display.

[Nick Huckson]
Classic Signs, Inc. made Huckson’s odd request a reality, and a photo of the finished design which appears to show him on the toilet when he is driving has been shared thousands of times in Canada and the U.S.

The attention has even landed him getting national exposure on NBC’s Today show. Now that’s one way to promote your business.

He says he has received thousands of comments and emails, some from as far away as London.

“I wanted a design for my truck that would be memorable, something that would make me stand out from the other plumbing businesses,” Huckson says.

“Had no idea it would lead to all this!”

[Nick Huckson]

We wish Huckson the best of luck with his new business. It’s sure to be a success. If you got a good giggle from this story, please SHARE with friends and family who need a nice laugh.

[Featured Image: Nick Huckson]