Nurse Delivers Baby After Mom Went Into Labor At Target

Nurse Delivers Baby After Mom Went Into Labor At Target

Expecting mothers typically plan on giving birth inside a hospital surrounded by experienced nurses and doctors, but one Atlanta mom never made it to the hospital after she went into labor at Target.

30-year-old Tanya Saint Preux Picault was shopping at a local Target when she began feeling contractions. The baby was coming quickly and there was no time to get to the hospital but, thankfully, a labor and delivery nurse was there shopping with her mom.

“She came back and said, ‘Can I just have my daughter, who’s a labor and delivery nurse, come and look at you?'” Picault said about the moment Caris Lockwood’s mom approached her to see if she could help. Despite the unusual situation, Lockwood got to work delivering the baby as she normally did. Twenty minutes later, Lockwood handed a healthy 7-pound, 10-ounce baby boy named Maleek over to Picault.

“I really wasn’t nervous,” Lockwood said. “It was certainly an incredible experience, and [I] truly believe it was one of those moments where God placed the right people in the right place at the right time. I’m grateful that I was there and able to help bring Tanya’s baby into the world.”

“God had her there for me that day,” said Picault, who has stayed in touch with Lockwood since the birth. “She did such a great job. It was on the news, and I recorded it so I can show [Maleek] as he gets older.”

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[Featured image: ABC/Tanya Saint Preux Picault]