NYPD Rescues Ponies Who Escaped Their Barn During A Snowstorm

NYPD Rescues Ponies Who Escaped Their Barn During A Snowstorm

This is something you don’t see every day… 

During winter storm Stella, two miniature ponies escaped from a stable on Staten Island and frolicked in the snowy, slushy streets. The runaways, named Blondie and Jewel, bolted from their stable on Wakefield Road in the Eltingville section around 10:30 a.m., after their barn door was blown open by the wind. 

Credit: Carol Ann Benanti

Dad Blondie, who is nine, and his daughter Jewels, four, wandered no more than a mile when they were spotted by a man named Robert Stasio. “I just looked out the window to see how bad it was coming down still and I see two ponies,” Staten Island resident Robert Stasio told the New York Post, “I thought I was imagining things!”

Stasio told reporters that he hopped in his truck to tail the ponies as they pranced along Richmond Avenue to Hylan Boulevard. He eventually got out of his vehicle and chased the ponies by foot, when he ran into two police officers who help round up the ponies. 

Credit: Anthony Dominick/NY Daily News

He explained to Gothamist, “They [the cops] didn’t have a rope. Another fella came out the car, he had some kind of strap. The ponies were pulling me, they were dragging me in the snow, and then eventually I got them to stop and the guy came and put the rope around their neck and tied one to the pole and then we got the other one.”

Off-duty NYPD cop Anthony Parante pitched in and told the New York Post, “They were very well behaved. I managed to put it on them like you would a dog leash,” said Parente, an 11-year veteran who was on his way to work. “Never would’ve thought I’d see two ponies in the middle of a blizzard on Staten Island.”

Credit: via Carol Ann Benanti- Robert Stasio with Blondie and Jewels

Police safely returned Blondie and Jewels to Nasso and Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed that both of the ponies “are safe and in great shape” after being returned home. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Carol Ann Benanti]