One-Year-Old Picks A Fight With His Own Shadow

One-Year-Old Picks A Fight With His Own Shadow

A 1-year-old boy literally picked a fight with his own shadow last week, and the boy’s parents recorded the whole thing on video!

Karter Willis’ parents- Sharee Callaway and Kevin Willis told ABC News that they were sitting on the couch when they noticed their son shocked at his own shadow. That’s when Willis picked up his phone, curious to see what would happen next. 

Willis and Callaway then recorded Karter shadowboxing his own shadow while they were laughing uncontrollably. These parents from Detroit, Michigan, apparently didn’t explain what a shadow was to their son, so, instead, they decided to keep laughing at him. 

In the hilarious video posted on Facebook, Karter is seen pushing and punching his own shadow, showing he is completely unaware the shadow is, in fact, his own. 

Callaway told, “I was like, ‘Wow, what is he doing.’” Callway explained her phone’s flashlight app was on when Karter noticed the shadow it created against the wall. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Inside Edition via Sharee Callaway]