Photographer Captures Baby’s Amazing Birth In Hospital Parking Lot

Photographer Captures Baby’s Amazing Birth In Hospital Parking Lot

A Florida mom who has zero pictures of her first two children’s births decided that the next time around was going to be different.

Just like we saw in this incredible story about one mom’s home birth of twins, Paula D’Amore of Green Acres decided to hire a birth photographer to capture the miracle of life. However, the 30-year-old mom didn’t realize just how unique the birth of her third child would actually be.

“With my first son I got no pictures whatsoever,” she told ABC News. “And with my second son, I had hired a doula and she just grabbed my camera and took pictures, but it was low lighting and low quality … that’s why I knew I needed someone there documenting the whole thing and I wanted it to be documented professionally.”

[Paulina Splechta Photography]
The new mom told ABC News that during her third time around, she knew her body better and spent as much time at home as possible during labor, even taking a warm bath to ease her contractions.


When the time came, D’Amore grabbed her husband Joseph, doula, and photographer Paulina Splechta, but only made it about two miles before she got the urge to start pushing.

“It just takes over your body,” she said. “It’s not like you can control it.” They reached Boca Raton Regional Hospital, but didn’t make it out of the car before baby girl Daniella entered the world, with Splechta capturing the intense parking lot birth in over 100 photos.

[Paulina Splechta Photography]

“It’s almost like an out of body experience because I’m going through all of this and now I’m able to look back at the photos [and say], ‘Wow this just happened,'” she told ABC News.

[Paulina Splechta Photography]
“It’s incredible how everything went down even down to the second… I couldn’t have picked a better team.”

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